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What are your 7 Favorite Fall Activities?

Fall or Autumn officially happens on September 22. It is based on the Autumn Equinox. There are many things you can do in the fall of the year & I would love to share the 7 best fall activities to do in this beautiful season.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, one definition of fall is “nights of below freezing temperatures combines with days of temperatures below 70 degrees. Which I have to admit is just about perfect weather for many people! As summer winds down and the days get shorter why not get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year?

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1) Fall Nature Hike Activity

If you have kids this would be a great activity for the whole family. In most cities and towns, Greenways are available for bikes as well as walkers. It’s a great safe way to bike and walk and enjoy the scenery around you! You could easily pack up a fall snack to take along. By mixing Goldfish cracker, fall-colored M & M’s & mini pretzels you could have a nice treat with little mess!

2) Pick Apples

Many places have local apple orchards that have pick your own apples. Did you know that in most places September is the best month to pick apples? This is a great article about the “10 Best Apple Orchards” Read it over and you might be surprised to have one not too far from you.


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3) Take a Drive

There are many beautiful fall drives to enjoy the oranges and golds of autumn. From New England through PA down into Virginia even into some of the midwest you can be guaranteed to see a splash of color once fall arrives. With just moving to Virginia in late October of last year I’ll be anxious to take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

You can actually use this interactive map to check on leaves changing. You can across the dates & it estimates when the leaves are at their peak in most states! https://smokymountains.com/fall-foliage-map/

Even though some areas we still have to social distance it would still be a great way to spend some time on a weekend

4) Visit a Local Farm

Many farms are harvesting this time of year. What a fun day it could be to take the kids to a farm in the fall. Many have a pumpkin patch that can be used for photoshoots. You and your kids could also pick out your pumpkins to take home to carve.

Some farmers have even got very creative and turned their cornfields into corn mazes. Check out this link that not only shares Corn mazes in America but showcases them as well! How fun it would be to see one of these! Who knows maybe you will get an idea for that backfield!! Here’s the link

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5) Fun Scavenger Hunt Fall Activity

This activity could be done as part of a nature walk above or its own activity. Scavenger hunts are so much fun for almost any age child. You could form teams so the little ones can be paired up with an older child to make it a bit more fun for them.

It wouldn’t be hard to make a list up of fall items beforehand. Once the hunt is ready someone could hand a list as well as grocery bags to collect the objects.

Have a few kids that aren’t reading yet? Just use pictures of items they are looking for. You can download a copy of a Scavenger Hunt I created Here

6) Decorating Your Home For Fall

It seems more and more people are decorating their homes, especially their front porches for the fall season. It’s time to clean out planters with your summer blooms and fill those same pots with mums.

They are an inexpensive plant found at most greenhouses now. There are usually a variety of fall colors to choose from.

Pick up pumpkins or corn stalks at the same time & you can easily tie the corn stalks to a lamp post or just lean next to the front door. If you have a local farmer nearby why not buy a couple of bales of hay or straw?

A bale with pumpkins sitting on top with an added mum plant can add a warm welcome to your front porch. If you are lucky enough to have a porch swing you can add few pillows like these to add a little color!

Check out these! The best part about these pillows? They are “pillow covers” which means you can remove them after the season is over!

Disclaimer: Some of my posts include affiliate links which earns me a small commission without any cost to you!

7) Fall Baking

Last but not least, fall is the best time to turn that oven on and bake up some goodies. You can have your kids join in the fun.

This will teach them baking skills as well as just spending time together. Be sure to watch for my next post about fall baking but in the meantime, this recipe is quick and easy and even somewhat healthy!

Just take a spice cake mix and mix in 1 can of pumpkin puree. The batter will be dry at first but just keep stirring ( this is what the kids are for!) At this point you could stir in mini chocolate chips ( totally optional).

Once all mixed, place 2 teaspoons batter into mini cupcake tin sprayed to prevent sticking (you can also use mini cupcake papers). This is the pan I use for both these muffins and pecan tassies at Christmas time. Bake for 12-17 minutes. Cool about 5 minutes before eating!

Apple cider or hot chocolate makes great drinks this time of year. You can easily warm up the cider or drink it cold. This would be a great time to sit down and read a fall story! Here is a great one, check this one out for fall!

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I hope you enjoyed my list of fall activities and gives you a few ideas for your families. As you can see most can be enjoyed at any age. And some are very budget-friendly.

Be sure to check back to see my upcoming posts where I will share fall recipes as well as a desk redo that’s ready to show!!

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  1. Wonderful ideas! This past weekend I took a scenic drive, visited an apple orchard, and started decorating my home – or at least my dining table! 🙂 I would maybe add “attend a small-town high school football game” if you can – there’s something very special about them!

  2. A great post that’s making me miss my Yankee roots. I live in S. Florida where we don’t get to do those fun things. If it wasn’t for Covid this would have inspired me to take a trip up north.

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