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Get Ready for Apple Season

As fall approaches in most parts of the country apple season begins.

As many of you know the varieties are endless depending on what you are looking for. Apples make a great snack and are easy to add to that lunch box.

While apples are commonly eaten out of hand, many types of apples are great for cooking, too. One traditional pairing is apples with pork. The fruit’s sweetness complements the meat’s savoriness, resulting in classic dishes such as pork chops with apple sauce and sausage and apple stuffing.

apple season, fruit, orchard

Apple varieties

Some, like the Red or the Golden Delicious, are tried-and-true favorites in the United States; others, such as Cameo and Fuji, are relative newcomers to the apple scene. Check out this PDF file you can open, it has so much information.  It explains not only the types of apples but by clicking you can see some very detailed information on each kind of apple variety.

The fruit has been evolving for over 150 years with approximately 735  different varieties; now fewer than 50 are mass-grown.

Because of renewed interest in older—and sometimes regional—varieties, “heirloom” apples such as Northern Spy, Gravenstein, Canadian Strawberry, and Newtown Pippin can be found at farmers’ markets or local orchards.

As the temperatures cool down and the fall leaves begin to change you will get a chance to go to a local orchard. Or if you are lucky to have your own apples why not pick a weekend afternoon and go out and pick!

Baking with apples is very popular with many people making apple pies, cake, or even apple bread! This link will take you to a delicious apple cake recipe! This link will give you some great ideas of a few items needed in your kitchen for fall baking! 

“Fall Baking Link”!

Apple cake

Picking fruit from your trees

This can be a great way to spend a weekend day. With the arrival of fall comes the time to harvest a variety of apples, pears, and other fruits.

After gathering up your baskets and equipment you need it’s time to head to the orchard to pick.

Depending on the size of your orchard there are a few ways to get fruit from the tress.

The first and probably easiest is to spread out a sheet or tarp under the trees. Shaking the limbs will cause the fruit to fall.  The fruit can be gathered up and put in baskets or bowls.

orchard, apple, apples

As a result of some of the fruit falling, you will need to check for bruised fruit and discard in your compost bin or leave for wildlife.

The tool we used worked to pick pears that were out of our reach was a fruit picker! Click here! This one actually extends to 20 feet for those hard to reach areas. We found our picker in the garage & were anxious to give it a try!

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This handy fruit picker is perfect for those hard to reach limbs. The hook will wrap around the fruit and with a  gentle tug will release your fruit into the basket.

This was a pretty quick way to be able to pick your fruit which then can be put easily into your baskets.

Making Apple Cider

Apple cider is a favorite drink this time of year. The old fashion way of making cider is described in this article from the farmers’ almanac. 

Don’t have a press, there are ways to make it without by using a food processor or something similar.

Storing Apples

Apples should be stored in boxes lined with foil or plastic to retain moisture at 32 degrees. You could also use newspaper and wrap them. This will help keep the apples to last longer in storage. Store apples separate from other fruit due to the gases that apples give off.

Why not take an afternoon and pick fall fruit for winter enjoyment!


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