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Cookies from your Kitchen

I just want to thank everyone who has already purchased my book!! I would like to offer a “Free Bonus” to all of you that bought the first week, at a slighlty higher price! Also if you could leave a review I would appreciate it!

I designed a Free Bonus to those who want to take their cookie baking to the next level and to keep things oganizied! Just send me an email and I will get this PDF to you to be able to download as often as you like!

Bonus Business Pack

If you would like to buy a copy Here is the Amazon link! This version is a paper back and does include 5 Bonus Recipes! It is available in a kindle version as well! I have decided to do a “Deluxe version” as well; this will be a colored hardcopy with a spiral ring binding.

It will make it so easy to open flat when using the Bonus recipes in the back. My plan is to add the link to this post and make it available to all of you once I receive the first copy!

While working on this challenge & knowing what a great side business this can be I decided to apply and get my kitchen licensed here in Virginia. The license will enable me to mail cookies from here!

I have a few other projects in mind as well so stay tuned!!

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Cookies from your Kitchen

Read all about Cookies from your Kitchen below! You can easily purchase the EBook from the link provided or if you would rather have the kindle or paper pack you can Purchase either on Amazon with the link!

**Disclaimer the amazon link is an affiliate link where I earn a small commission at no charge to you!

Thank you for your interest!

How to Start a Cookie Business from your own Kitchen!

Have you ever wanted to earn money while doing something you love?

Maybe even stay at home with your family while you do it??

Hi, My name is Rose. I was also searching for a way to earn extra Christmas money when my children were growing up. There had to be a way…???

I was able to bake Holiday Cookie Trays and sell them to people who just didn’t have time to bake but still wanted home-baked cookies at Christmas time!

If I was able to bake and sell Cookie Trays I know you can too & with my guidebook, I will show you how!

Get my guidebook “Cookies from your Kitchen PLUS this pack of Bonuses Worth $20.00

What If I Told You that:

  • Getting started is easier than you think!
  • Low start-up costs to begin your business!
  • Your favorite Christmas cookies could turn into your own business!
  • Enjoy family time by setting your own hours!
  • Cookies remain one of the most popular homemade desserts!
  • That Americans each eat about 300 Cookies a year
  • Your customers are looking for homemade cookies, especially at Christmas time!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside ” Cookies from your Kitchen”

  • Learn how your own kitchen can work as your bakeshop
  • Investment in your business can be very little and in the very first chapter, I outline just what you need! You’ll be surprised to learn how many things you already have!
  • What cookies work the best to make beautiful and delicious cookie trays!
  • Setting up your baking day and how with some organizational tips you’ll be able to get started!
  • Discover who your customers are and how to reach them!
  • Where to look for supplies for your new business!
  • Love reading Success Stories?? In Chapter 6 I have shared a few bakers who have taken that step into owning their own business!
  • Knowing the Rules and Regulations that go along with a baking business!
  • Learn baking terms with the glossary in the back!
  • Included are some great links and websites to answer some of your questions!
  • Try out the 5 BONUS recipes I included that I used on my cookie trays!

So as you can see this guidebook takes you from kitchen setup to the regulations needed for your buisness.

I have also included a BONUS for you if you purchase my book. It will keep you organized as those cookie orders come in!

Just email me once your purchase the book and I will get this bonus sent to you!!

Bonus Business Pack

Over $20.00 Value!


This BONUS is FREE with the purchase of my book and includes:

  • Customer List
  • Grocery List
  • My Expense List
  • Flyer to Advertise your Holiday Cookie Trays
  • Beautiful Holiday Planner Cover

You will receive your FREE BONUS as a PDF file to download and print as often as you would like!

My FREE BONUS will keep your organized so you can concentrate on “Baking your yummy cookies”!

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Holiday Cookies

How would it feel if you could confidently…

  • Start a cookie business in your home!
  • Be Known as “The Neighborhood Cookie Lady”?
  • Create a business that you can be proud of!
  • Believe in yourself knowing that you are doing something you love and sharing it!
  • Take your hobby to the next level!
  • Realize that you control your schedule!

By purchasing my guidebook you don’t have to just “DREAM” about starting a cookie business. Just follow the steps I have laid out and you can get started!

And know that this is just a road map that can lead you into opening up a cookie shop from your home and possibly so much more!

Why not grab a cup of coffee while you learn to turn your love of baking into your own business?

No Questions Asked
100% Money back Guarantee

With a 30-day money-back guarantee there is zero risk for you and so much you can learn from this guidebook!

Why a guarantee?

I feel once you read my book along with your own research you will want to take that first step into owning your own business!

Read what some are saying about Cookies in your Kitchen!

This book breaks down the scary thought of turning your passion for baking cookies into a profitable business.  The easy-to-follow business terms and baking instructions inspired me to pursue a side hustle during the holidays. Why not bake with love and make enough to cover my kiddo’s Christmas gifts?  Bonus: The easy-to-follow cookie recipes are delicious and make owning this book worth it in every way!  
Colleen Thedieck

Get the “Cookies from your Kitchen” Book PLUS the Bonus Worth $20.00

Here’s the link to purchase the book! Either paper back or Kindle version once purchased will receive this FREE Bonus! I just need your email to send it to you!

Still not sure??

I’d love to answer any question you have!

This download is an EBook but I will be offering a kindle version and also a paperback version on Amazon. I will be offering hardcover spiral-bound copies as well. So you choose what format you like!

Absolutely! But my wish is for you to see how you can start a cookie business and turn it into a success!

No! That’s what is so great about starting a bakeshop out of your home; you probably have most of the basics to get started!

Like most things, there are always rules and regulations but by using the websites I provide you can do your research and learn what you need to know for your specific area. There is so much FREE information to answer almost any question you may have!