craft room ideas

Craft Room Ideas

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When we first started looking at different houses one thing on my wish list was a Craft/Sewing Room. How fun it would be to have a designated room for all “that stuff”!

Well just by sheer luck the house we ended up moving to actually had a room! In fact, the previous owner had been an artist in her younger years. She had an actual studio right to the left as you enter the house! The layout of the room is with built-in cupboards, a separate entrance, and even a sink for cleaning up!

The First Steps

When we first moved this room was the room that held all the extra boxes, furniture, etc! Once the floors were laid in the main part of the house we slowly started to empty the room and could actually see just what we were looking at and what needed to be done to update this room.

The size of the room is amazing (15X 13) which was a plus and easy to work out the details of what I wanted. The only things I really wanted this room to have were enough storage and countertop to be able to have things sit out and have a lot of extras stored away!

For so many years I would just use the kitchen table for making anything but of course had to put things away when mealtime rolled around. The dining room was my makeshift sewing room when I made a few things for my daughter Ellen’s wedding. I’m sure many of you have designated corners for you crafting or sewing?

Once the room was cleaned we (mostly John) began to dismantle the cupboards. We decided since the cupboards were in such great shape we would keep them and paint them white! We did remove the countertop which will be used downstairs in John’s workroom! Love it when you can repurpose an item!

In the original room, there were no cupboards on the far wall below the back windows but after looking things over we decided that a set of cupboards at each end might give me a nice work area and additional cupboard space.

By building this in an “L’ shape we were able to buy 2 small cupboards for either end.

What we Had to Order

By using the already existing cupboards we only had to order the 2 end units. To save money on the cupboards we went with 2 that are usually used in a bathroom; a vanity type cupboard. I really didn’t need the drawer so by ordering a vanity style it saved us money.

Vanity style cupboard

Of course, the countertop was not the normal in-stock color but thought the purple would really “make” the room especially after picking out our wall covering! So a purple countertop was ordered and we waited!

While we waited for the cupboards and countertops to come in we knew we would have time to get the room painted. I had been looking around for some type of wallpaper that had some bright colors and came across the one we decided on!

Wall Paper and Paint

With anything, there are so many choices of paint and wall coverings. I had been reading up on wallpaper and was amazed at how much wallpaper has changed over the years. I follow a few decorators on Instagram and one, in particular, showed a room she had just done in a peel and stick paper. After looking at Amazon and ordering a few sample pieces from a couple of other shops I decided on one I really liked and would really brighten up the room.

After calculating the price of what it would be for a couple of walls we decided why not use the paper but only halfway down the wall. This would save money and actually, made sense since once the countertops were in place you really wouldn’t be able to see the paper below.

The paper went up surprisingly easy and you could even remove it if it wasn’t quite straight to realign it. So much easier than the wallpapers that either had to be spread with glue or wet before putting up on the wall. I’m sure a lot of you can remember this type of wallpaper. Here’s a great post from Better Homes and Gardens explaining how it is done.

I’m lucky I am married to a very handy guy that pretty much tackles anything. So he got started building a chair rail that we centered about 32 inches from the floor. This would break up the long walls and we could then paint 2 different shades of purple with both of them matching the wallpaper.

Painting the Walls

We painted the section of cupboard Dover White which is our go-to white color of paint. This was also used on the pegboard that was hung above it as well as the tall cupboard in the far corner. We also painted all the trim around the windows the same Dover white. With the handles removed to paint the cupboards,

I decided to give them a coat of spray paint that would definitely match the colors of the room: purple!


On the white cupboards, these really added a lot and were well within the budget since it would have been crazy to replace such nice handles.

Installing the countertop and cupboards

This was probably the most frustrating part. We have gotten used to waiting on a few things for the house and knew the countertop was a special order. We were told 4-6 weeks for a special order countertop. Well, we waited 7 weeks and the 3 individual pieces were delivered.

BUT the one long flat one had warped and the 2 that formed the “L” were cut backwords, so back on the truck they went. And we waited. Another 7 weeks passed, we made a call and the countertops were delivered however one came with a scratch on it ( we decided to keep it since waiting 7 more weeks would be December!)

We installed the countertops and they were then fastened to the cupboards at either end. We did add extra brackets due to the weight.

So as you can see from the pictures here it was a nice room to start with but by painting the cupboards and walls and adding just a little wallpaper the room now is amazing. I love the way it turned out.

Before and After
craft room ideas

I really can’t wait to get busy in there. And with Christmas not too far away I hope I can start making a few things.

If any of you would love to know about anything you see pictured just let me know! I have links below to some of the things we have used. And of course, I love sharing about my many machines you might see in these pictures!!

Shopping List:

Below I have listed a few things we used in this project that I thought you might like to see.

The Peel And Stick WallPaper

The Spray Paint for the Handles

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  1. It looks wonderful! I love the colors…it will be so uplifting in the cold winter months! I have never heard of the type of wallpaper you used…great idea! How is it different from contact paper? Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Yes, I was so happy with the way the room turned out! The wallcovering is thick like wallpaper but definitely reminds me of contact paper! What was nice was how you could move it around to be sure it was straight, not sure if you can do that with contact paper. There are a lot of choices out there. Some can be expensive but you can always just put it on one wall as we did!

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