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Discover a new flowering vine

In most gardens, there is a spot for this flowering vine plant to grow & add a little color. We found just the spot in our new yard. A popular choice for many are morning glories. The annual flower that grows up a trellis or chicken wire for support.

We however came across the hyacinth bean last summer. Not only did we find a great bakery/deli with a large selecton of bulk food items (I’ll save that for another post!)
we came across this beautiful flowering vine in front of their store! When we entered and asked about the purple flower that caught our eye the employee loved sharing with us all about the “hyacinth bean”. She also told us that at the end of the season they bag up the pods and sell them.

We of course we were interested in these seeds and once the time came we found small bags of seeds made up to sell at their cash register. We planted the seeds in small pots when we started all of our other vegetable seeds back in March/April. Once they were large enough we moved them outside to be planted.

Facts about Hyacinth Beans, the flowering vine

According to Growing Know How :

Hyacinth Bean : a fast growing, flowering vine, with pretty purple flowers. An annual flowering vine that grows quickly. It grows 10’~15′ in a single season! It is very easy to grow. Flowers bloom from summer through fall in purple and some white colors. As a flowering vine it does need support to climb.

Days to Germination: 14~21 days

How to Grow : This plant loves full sun and rich well drained soil. Keep soil moist, not wet!

As you can see from the above pictures it doesn’t really take too long to see the beans crawling up the trellis.

One important note is that the raw beans inside are poisonous unless they are boiled for long periods of time which makes them edible.

Once the plants are finished flowering you can collect the beans off the plants and save the seeds inside the pods. You will then have next years crop!

It’s nice to now that with a little exploring you can grow some really unique plants in your garden!

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  1. What pretty purple flowers! I have never heard of a hyacinth bean plant before. I will keep an eye out for it the next time that I’m down in Floyd!

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