Fabric I loved online

Fabric I Loved

Ever order fabric online based on the design and color?

I came across a fabric I loved and ordered it online. Online shopping has really opened up a whole new way to shop. Many small businesses have an online presence. This helps me so much a well as others who might not live close to a fabric store to be able to shop & order fabric for any project. 

The material arrived and as much as I loved it I knew as soon as I saw it the design was way too big for basic chair seats. A solid green leather-look material was bought for the chair seats instead.

I recently came across the material I had stashed away for another project someday while I was packing for our pending move.

I really hoped I could use it somewhere in the redo of the house we had bought.

Matching Fabric to your paint palette

The fabric with all its colors was actually perfect for the palette I wanted to use. Our new home has a somewhat open floor plan.

The kitchen/eating area flows into the living room with french doors dividing the two rooms. By using the fabric for the valance above the window it really blends with the pale green walls we painted the living room.

Learning to Sew 

Home Ec.  was offered when  I was in high school and to this day so glad I signed up for that 45-minute class! I certainly haven’t tackled huge projects but have been able to make the occasional Halloween costume and basic curtains.

Everyone should maybe give sewing basic projects a try! Youtube has made it so easy to learn anything you want!

Some sewing stores even offer how-to classes that might be offered in your area.  Online you can find directions as well as how to’s for a certain project.

Using the basics

Disclaimer: I have shared some of my favorite items through affiliate links; it earns me a small commission at no cost to you.

As you can see from the photo I used my Cricut mat and cutter. The Cricut machine and products are a great addition to your tools for crafting.  The Cricut machine has really opened up a lot of craft projects & made things so much easier! Here is a link that you can check out & see of a Cricut is something you would love! 

Making curtains especially a valance is one of those quick projects once you have all your items out. Having a sewing machine is the one thing that is probably necessary to tackle this. But why not explore the idea of buying one?

It’s funny how many are getting back onto sewing. There are many small shops around that sell machines or even Amazon where some of these small businesses use Amazon as their storefront! Basic machines can start as little as $200.00. Here is a great example of a basic machine! 

Once you have everything out and have taken your measurements you can begin. The following link explains in great detail how to go about sewing a curtain. An option you also have is if you want to line your curtain.

The first one I made for a small bathroom window I did not line it. But the one for the eating area I decided to take that extra step and make a lining out of basic cotton muslin. 

Here is the link to learn how to make curtains: https://www.allfreesewing.com/Window-Treatments.

You can press the finished curtain to take the wrinkles out and make it hang smoother. The curtain rod is another thing that is a personal choice. I decided on this one. Most curtain rods have different sizes to fit most windows.

By double-checking the width of your window you will guarantee a rod that will fit. So with a little sewing knowledge and a basic sewing machine you to can create one of a kind items for your home. 

The finished curtain below! 

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