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Looking ahead to 2021

As I sit here and write up the first blog of the new year & looking ahead to 2021 it’s hard not to look back over the past year. Often as we begin a new year many of us make resolutions & secretly hope we can keep them.

I can almost guarantee that everyone is ready to start a new year after the year we had in 2020. I won’t go into the virus here since there has been so much news about it and it updates so frequently. I will say that we are so lucky to live in a time that science & the researchers behind it have worked tirelessly to give us what normally takes years to discover.

In my last blog, I shared some of my favorite cookie recipes for your Christmas baking. I certainly hope some of you tried a couple of the recipes. My blog has been sharing many recipes with you through the many posts I have written & I plan on continuing with recipes. In addition to recipes, my plan is to branch out a bit more to include more DIY projects happening in & outside the house as well as what I am up to in my “room”.

Before I go any further I would like to take the time to thank everyone who bought the Grinch ornaments I made. The grand total ended up at 217!! What’s even more amazing is the fact that only 1 order of ornaments was delayed. I appreciate it so much. I had made a goal for myself that if I could sell enough I would buy myself a new sewing machine and I met that goal!!

I have always liked to sew but I did take a break from it when work & things got busy! The machine that I have used was bought in 1987; a portable Singer, so it was time to upgrade. And upgrade I did! I bought myself a Juki TL18; if any of you are sewers or quilters you will recognize the name. So with his new machine, I hope to dive into the world of bagmaking, maybe a little quilting as well as other items! My blog will be used to showcase some of the items I plan on making and sharing with all of you.

I plan on posting on Instagram with a link to the most current blog post as well as sharing it in my FB group. I have been emailing everyone a newsletter each week but after looking over the stats it seems the emails aren’t reaching many of you. If I were to guess they are landing in the “Trash” or promo tab. I will continue to share my favorite finds with links to websites. I’m still an amazon affiliate which earns me a small commission each time I share a link and you as a reader click on it & purchase anything!

As far as DIY projects the shelves in the living room did get finished by Christmas! It was so fun to unpack my Snow Village that had been boxed up for a while and have the room to display every piece.

When we first started the shelf projects we knew that we wanted to fill the bare wall to not only complete the room but also give us a great spot for books and pictures. John did a great job on the shelves and as you can see from all the pictures it was several steps to get them the right size and fit into the spot.

Check out the before and after, quite a difference.

So as we all begin a new year I challenge each of you to a project I did with my 10 year-old grandson this past weekend, I had him write a list of 5 things he remembers from 2020 & a list of 10 things he would like to do or places he would like to go in 2021. My plan is to tuck this list away and pull it out next year at Christmas time to see how they year went for him.

Why not try this yourself and you might be surprised at what is on your list. Next New Year’s Eve read it over and see just what goals you might have reached or places you might have traveled to!

Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned in to what I hope will be a great year ahead!!

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A great way to keep things organized in any room!

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