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The Fine Art of Waiting

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As February started just a couple of months ago one of the big projects was started.

The hardwood flooring had been delivered and the local contractor was ready to begin the project. After we bought this house one of the first things we decided on was removing the 25 year old carpet and replacing with hardwood floors. We had hardwood floors in our Fryburg house and were happy with them. Not only do they wear well but are really easy to clean.
The underlayment was put down first through out the house then the floor would be ready for the hardwood. It was a big project for the local contractor. We placed hardwood in the living room, hall way and bedrooms.
As you can see in the pictures below there was a lot of work just getting set up for the job. I’m happy to report that the floors were finished up 4 weeks later (mid March).

The plan was to have the same local contractor come back to do the kitchen & laundry area once our painting was done. The painting was finished up by mid March however plans changed!
We all know what happened next! Self isolation and total shut downs of businesses, etc. So of course  everything was put on hold.
So here we are end of April still somewhat In the “project phase”.
We have turned to the outside in the last few weeks. Spring weather has arrived. Things are blooming and the grass is growing. Our garden plans are underway with seeds getting started.  John’s first official lambing season in Virginia is almost over.  The lamb count is 35 as of today!
As we all look ahead & anxiously await “normal again” I hope the shut down has kept you all safe and healthy. A big shout out to my friends & family members who are considered “essential”.  A special prayer to those  on the front lines.
Hoping everyone can enjoy the spring as it arrives in your area!
Stay tuned for upcoming stories:

*Planting of the garden   *Lambing season  *Landscaping ideas


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Rose! Good to see all is well with you guys! Saw my first hummingbird this morning so I know summer is coming! Stay safe!

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