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What is an Immersion blender?

Do any of you have an immersion blender in your kitchen?? If so and you use it you can definitely agree it’s a pretty handy gadget. Like any other gadget, you wonder when buying it whether it’s just another “thing” that will lay in a cupboard or drawer and not really get used.

According to Spruceeats:

An immersion blender is a kitchen tool used for blending soups, sauces, and other liquids. An immersion blender is basically a stick with blender blades at the end of it.

It’s Different From a Regular Blender

How an immersion blender differs from a regular blender is that rather than pouring the liquid into the blender and turning it on, the immersion blender is inserted into the container of liquid (like a pot of soup, for instance) and turned on. You would then sort of swirl the immersion blender throughout the liquid to ensure that it’s uniformly blended.

An immersion blender is helpful when you have a large amount of puréed soup or some other product to work with—more than one blender full, which would require blending in batches. Then you have to use yet another container for holding the blended soup while you finish the job. Which means using the first (unblended) container, the second (blended) container, plus the blender itself. Using an immersion blender allows you to simply blend the soup in its original pot.

Would I ever use one?

I actually bought my first one during the “soup season” to blend autumn squash soup I had made. When our garden has an abundance of butternut squash this is a great way to use the squash that I have frozen in bags. In the recipe I use I add carrots, celery, a couple of small potatoes quartered, and chicken stock. I also add bay leaves. Once this is cooked together I stir in the baked squash. At the end of the cooking time; usually a couple of hours on low heat I remove the soup and place it on the counter. At this time is when I use the blender. The blender attachment twists on easily and with 2 speed I can control the amount of power I need. I usually just use the low speed as that seems to blend everything well in the soup. The higher speed would probably come in handy when using frozen fruit for smoothies!

The company themselves state:

The Mueller Ultra-Stick can be used to make delicious treats such as salsa, pesto, pancake and watter, batter, smoothies, cheese sauce, homemade tomato sauce, hollandaise sauce, whipped cream, apple butter, various Indian dishes, soups and cakes. Can also be used for chopping and making cocktails and much more!

immersion blender
Immeresion blender

It is an amazing little gadget not only for soups but for smoothies as well. It’s amazing the power this one has compared to my last one.

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As you can see there are several to choose from all-around $40.00 or less. Mine is the first one listed, just click on the link to learn all about them.

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