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Why We Should Shop Small Businesses

As we celebrate the month of October my plan is to share with you some blog posts “Why we should shop small businesses.”

Small businesses have always been the backbone of small towns. Even big cities have small neighborhood stores that are there for customers to stop in & do local shopping.

Whether it be the local hardware, gift shop, or jewelry store, or any other business that line the Streets your neighbors and friends own these businesses.

When the U.S. became the new epicenter of the COVID virus in March os 2020 over 70 percent of small businesses had to shut down.

Many owners were facing the monthly bills still coming In and no income being generated from customers.

Some turned to the internet and social media to remind their customers that they have made things work and are open for business, however in a very different way.

Over the month’s small businesses have taken on a new role as an online shop as well as trying to keep their storefronts open.

Presently most places of business can open but numbers must be limited. In most states, many popular fall festivals and fairs were canceled in 2020 and hopefully will be held this fall!

Many have worked months on their inventory to get ready for what is their “big season”.

decoration, wreath, fall
Fall Wreath

With some fairs & festivals happening this year I still think it’s important to get the word out on a few of the places or people I know and would love to see you check them out online or in-person!

My plan is to highlight a couple of places each week and include either their website or their FaceBook business page. Many use FB for getting the word out on new inventory or what has just been created.

You will all probably notice that some are in the Franklin/Clarion, Knox area since I am so familiar with these spots! I have also found a few now that I am in Virginia & visit the Raleigh area in North Carolina.

My First Stop is Lori Hartzell’s “Shed”. Lori is located just outside of the town of Knox. She is the most talented artist. She is able to turn everyday objects into works of art.

Everything is painted by hand and is truly one of a kind, she does do special orders but as anyone knows those take time. But it will be well worth your wait.

She does have hours for her shop and shows a lot of her pieces on her FB page.

I Love the pictures she shares of the steps of turning a blank slate into something that truly becomes a special piece of her! You should see her paint a Santa Claus!

Santa Claus

So why not take a drive to Lori’s Shed? You will not believe what you can find there!

Her Facebook Business page is:

Personalized Painting by Lori Hartzell. Just type that into FB search and her page with her latest creations will come up.

Lori’s FB Business Page!

Our next stop is C & A Trees. This business is celebrated 30 years in 2020.

You will find annuals, perennials, and all types of shrubs for your landscaping in addition to mums and fall decor.

Their gift shop located inside their store is full of all kinds of gift ideas for your gardner and anyone else you are might need a gift for.

Be sure to stop down at Christmastime where you will see a barn full of fresh-cut Christmas trees, wreaths, and swags. They fill their greenhouses with a beautiful variety of poinsettias in everyone’s favorite colors.

They have a FB page ( C&A Trees) you can check for up to date information on hours and new items that seem to come in daily and can also be found on their website:

Check out the Mums!

Our 3rd stop is in Franklin if Clarion County is just a little too far to drive.

As many of you know our family moved to Franklin from Erie in the summer of 1972. My Dad bought an insurance agency & I guess all I can say is the rest is history!

Franklin’s Liberty St ( Main St) was bustling with shops lining both sides of the street. Although times have changed and businesses have closed and replaced with a few others there is one that stands out! Feldman’s Jewelry Store.

Feldman’s is the oldest retail business in Venango County established in 1871. Of course, it is known for beautiful jewlery and diamonds but did you know they have a beautiful selection of gift items and home decor.

Shop small business
Nice selection of seasonal jewelry

They have a Facebook Business page that is updated frequently with new merchandise that is arriving almost daily. Their webpage also shows the number of possible gifts that you can purchase! Website:

This stop is “The Woods” shop located just outside of Franklin on route 322. This is a beautiful seasonal gift shop.

It features unique gift ideas as well as home decor, clothing, and even accessories. I was able to visit the shop on my recent trip to Franklin.

They have a beautiful website that you can browse through to look at all that is available. One tip if you make the drive to Wyattville give yourself extra time!

This shop has so many items displayed you have to almost walk through it a couple of times just to see everything there.

So as you can see there are lots of gift ideas in the shops listed above! I certainly hope you can get a chance to stop and browse and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

And just by sharing with friends and family, you can be part of helping these small businesses!

I also wanted to share this small business! I found the small candle company on Instagram (somehow?) and reached out to them. Just this weekend I heard back that not only was I made an affiliate but also I can share a discount code with my readers.

Southern Elegance Candle Company is located in Durham, NC & has such an inspiring story. They employ local residents & they purchase all the needed items for candle making right in their neighborhood!

To add a special touch to their candles many are named after special cities in the south along with scents that capture those memories as well. Not a fan of candles? They also make wax melts with many of the wonderful scents as their candles, some are even sold in bundles.

I ordered a few items Saturday morning and they have already been shipped.(Monday) Shipping is Free for orders over $55.00; $5.00 flat rate for anything less. I will be sharing on my FB page as well as my Instagram page.

Watch for the #southernelegance tag!

Here is my affiliate link: Once you open their page you can sign up for thier emails and receive a discount code!


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  1. Thank you Rose for the lovely article! You nailed it with the struggles of being a small business that relies on shows.

  2. Small businesses have really taken a hit this year. We try to support our own local small businesses. It’s great that you are bringing awareness to these entrepreneurs.

    1. Yes small businesses have been hit hard this year. As well as the brick and mortar there are so many self employed people who work from their homes. In our area so many small festivals and craft fairs have been cancelled. The artists really need our support as well!
      Thank you for leaving such a nice comment.

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